Bigg Boss 13 Update: Salman and Rashmi Worked Together An Advertisement

Bigg Boss 13 Update:

Rashmi Desai is one of the charming contestants in Bigg boss 13. Rashmi survives with her boyfriend Arhan Khan. She told to Salman, Rashmi used to get offers of this show last few years however she denied always. Salman was also known as Rashmi Desai for many years. Salman and Rashmi also worked circulating an advertisement, which was happened around nine years of age.

Salman and Rashmi had worked on Washing and detergent powder advertisements. In this Ad film, Rashmi was the partner character of Salman khan. Salman is wearing a white shirt, Rashmi conveyed a green saree.

In the Bigg Boss, Salman also told about the past relationship of Arhan during a scene. He says to Rashmi that ‘I have known you for a long time so you need to think about this relationship.’ Here it has provided, Salman has known Rashmi for a long time.

When Rashmi was working in this advertisement, then she was working in the role of ‘Tapasya’ and ‘Utran’, On that time, she was very famous. Indeed, For these characters, the fans had come to know under the name of Tapasya.

Bigg Boss 13 Today Episode:

If we talk about today’s episode of Bigg Boss, Again we will see the Siddharth and Rashmi battle. According to the promo video, Caller of the week phone comes for Siddharth. The caller asked Siddharth that when he has apologized to Rashmi Desai outside the show, for what reason would they say they are battling on the show now? When Siddharth was replying to this question then Rashmi quick react before Siddharth and Rashmi say,’ We are not comfortable with each other and we don’t want to talk with Rashmi. Rashmi says before Salman that ‘we have never been as one.’ accordingly, Siddharth says that ‘I should reveal to you when it has been made, what has been made, no.’ After this, Siddharth says that ‘she is talking outside. She returns. Arrived at Goa.

Salman and Rashmi Worked Together An Advertisement 9 Year Ago: Watch Full Advertisement Here

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